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Professional Science Masters Program

The Professional Science Masters Program is an intense, 21-month program designed to train students to master the techniques necessary to complete biomedical research and prepare them to become excellent technical specialists in academic and corporate settings.

Featuring a small class size, students have one-on-one encounters with course instructors and researchers. Students are trained in scientific technology with an emphasis in business so that graduates will have several career path options within the biotech sector. Several local and regional companies are interested in working with Professional Science Masters students for internship opportunities.

The Professional Science Masters program has been designed as a regional work force development program to fill the need for specifically trained individuals that will fill a knowledge gap within the local and regional biotech sector.

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The mission of the Professional Science Masters Program is to train students to master techniques in biomedical research, preparing them to become technical specialists in either an academic or corporate setting.

The Professional Science Masters student that successfully completes the program will be well-versed in biomedical sciences and will be an expert technical specialist suitable for employment in both academic and corporate environments.

Objectives of Professional Science Masters Program:

  • Develop student’s critical thinking skills necessary for successful interpretation of scientific data.
  • Promote a culture of scientific integrity and emphasize the importance of this concept in the biomedical sciences.
  • Develop technical competence and a laboratory skill set valuable for both academic and corporate environments.
  • Emphasize the performance of safe laboratory procedures and practices.
  • Develop managerial and business skills essential for corporate enterprise.
  • Foster an environment of collaboration between students and researchers.

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