Medical Library

For access to TCMC's Medical Library, visit their website.

The library provides the following services: 

  • Electronic information resources including a core collection of health sciences resources and tools licensed for all students, faculty and staff;
  • Collaborates with partners to provide high-quality and equitable access to resources and services across all sites, including remote access via proxy services;
  • 24/7 access to computers at all training and learning sites;
  • Easy access to resources and services at all sites through a single, well-designed and maintained portal/website;
  • Orientation to library information services and resources for all sites;
  • Maintains, when possible, a core, on-site collection, especially for resources that are not available electronically;
  • Document delivery and interlibrary loan services when resources are not available electronically or on-site;
  • Current awareness services.

Library Facilities

  • 5,000 square feet;
  • Functional, flexible seating for 85;
  • Two small group study rooms with seating for at least 10 per room; 
  • Shelving for over 1,300 print texts and 20 journal/newspaper subscriptions;
  • Twenty public access computer workstations and two Canon multi-purpose machines;
  • Information Services Desk, equipped with the Millennium integrated library system; staffed by professionals 73 hours per week during the academic year.

Collection Development 

The primary mission of the Library is to support the information, education and research needs of the students, faculty, and staff of The Commonwealth Medical College.  Our library is unique in that one of its primary goals is to be 100% electronic for third and fourth year medical students and clerkship faculty, due to the distributed nature of the student body and faculty.  All medical students are provided with laptops, as well as access to the TCMC-managed proxy server that delivers all library resources 24 hours per day, seven days per week, to students and faculty, wherever they are located.

The library is 95% electronic, with access to high-quality, evidence-based databases, e-journals, e-books and point of care resources.  The library subscribes to a very small collection of print journals, following recommendations from faculty and administrators.  A core collection of approximately 1,300 print biomedical titles has been purchased with faculty input. This collection of print titles has been reviewed by TCMC faculty, staff and students for relevance to the TCMC curriculum and, the collection will be evaluated annually to determine if use and curriculum objectives warrant updating.  All print titles are carefully monitored for use by students, faculty and staff and decisions for updating the collection are made based on use and faculty feedback.

Electronic Resources 

Students are provided with laptop computers that can also be equipped with air cards, and work in a wireless environment.  When students are located on the regional campuses or anywhere, the TCMC library portal makes it possible for students to access an extensive collection of high-quality electronic resources, including online databases, such as PubMed, EMBASE, the Cochrane Library and PsycINFO; electronic journal collections, such as Elsevier’s Science Direct titles and Ovid’s Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins’ (LWW) Total Access Collection; electronic book collections, such as Elsevier's Clinical Key, McGraw-Hill's AccessMedicine and STAT!Ref’s clinical texts, and evidence-based, point-of-care resources, such as ACP PIER, BMJ Clinical Evidence, DynaMed and UpToDate. Since the TCMC library is 95% digital, the majority of TCMC library services and resources are available not only from within the library, but also from any location on or off campus, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Information Literacy and Biomedical Informatics Instruction 

For all that the Internet, online library catalogs and aggregated databases have done to speed up the research process there are still some rough spots along the road. One persistent challenge occurs whenever a person moves from one institution to another, whether as a student or as a new employee.  Taking time to get registered with the library, establish a username and password, and learn how to navigate a new Web interface can save time, prevent headaches, and contribute to a general sense of self-confidence at the beginning of a new pursuit.  As new students and faculty arrive at TCMC, the library offers general library orientation sessions, as well as a variety of small-group, hands-on classes.  Online library instructional tutorials, presentations and training guides are also available on the library website.

The library has integrated information literacy and biomedical informatics training into the first year of the MD course: Physician and Society. Over a three month period, five information literacy modules, consisting of Tegrity recordings, articles and assignments, are distributed to medical students via the Blackboard education software. The information literacy module covers topics such as bibliographic database searching, information management and retrieval, searching for the evidence and other information literacy topics that support student learning at that particular point in time.  The library director and librarians participate in the delivery of library instruction, create online tutorials, develop instructional materials and evaluate library instruction effectiveness in support of the curricula.


The library director is a member of the TCMC Curriculum Action Committee (CAC)'s Library Subcommittee, the CAC Information Technology Subcommittee, as well as other committees established by the Dean to further the educational, research and economic development initiatives of TCMC. The CAC Library Subcommittee has been established and charged with examining, evaluating and recommending current and future information services and resources to support curriculum delivery, faculty instruction, student learning and research development.  Membership on the CAC Library Subcommittee consists of selected basic sciences and clinical faculty with experience and interest in the use of information resources; students from each year with expertise and/or interest in the use of information resources; the library director; and faculty and staff representing departments that play a role in the use of information resources.

The library staff includes the library director, a public services librarian, a web services librarian and a part time, library assistant.   

Medical Library Contact Information 

Joanne M. Muellenbach, MLS, AHIP
Director, Medical Library, TCMC
Office: 570-504-9627

For general library inquiries, please contact us at: 570-504-9665 or